Cable Card
Cable Card is a standard that the FCC mandates cable companies support, usually, they are significantly less per month than renting a cable box. The trade off comes in
that Cable Card compatible devices can cost over $100, with that you get the capability of decrypting all of the encrypted ("digital") channels your cable or satellite provider
offers. Cable Cards offer 4 Copy protection options:
  • Copy Freely
  • Copy Once
  • No More Copies
  • Copy Never
Of these, MythTv is only capable of playing back and recording channels flagged as Copy Freely. There's currently no requirement for cable companies to broadcast a channel with any particular
copy flag,except for the Over-the-Air local channels, so be sure to look for any reports of copy flags for your particular provider. In the case of Charter, "Premium" channels like HBO, ShowTime,
Cinemax, and other channels that are only available with level subscription packages are the only channels that aren't set to Copy Freely.